Productivity Impact Model
  Calculating the Impact of Depression in the Workplace
  and the Benefits of Treatment
  Version 3.0

Depression is a leading cause of absenteeism and low productivity in the workforce. It affects almost every company to some degree, and its costs are high. How much is depression among your own employees costing you?

The Productivity Impact Model (PI Model) can help estimate the cost of depression to your company, and can also project the benefits when depressed employees receive treatment.

Definition of depression

The PI Model uses detailed algorithms based on established clinical research and applies them to your own workforce to determine the incidence of depression within your organization. The PI Model then predicts the expected number of days each year your employees will be absent or suffer low productivity due to their depression, and the associated costs. Finally, the PI Model will project the net savings that will accrue with treatment of those employees suffering from depression.

The PI Model is a research-based management tool. It does not rely on anecdotal evidence or results from biased sources.

How much time and money is your company losing to depression, and how much can you recover? Start the model to find out.

How the model works